Hydrated Ethanol

Hydrated Ethanol

Composed of approximately 96% ethanol and 4% water. Applies in manufacturing beauty products, deodorants, industrial detergents, dyes and solvents. In Brazil, Hydrated Ethanol is widely used as fuel in vehicles, and popularly known simply as ethanol.

Some Applications

Industrial detergents, solvents and inks, vinegars.

Common Use

Fuel ‘for motor vehicles.


Characteristics Unit Specification
Comercial Name Alcohol Ethyl
Chemical Name Ethanol
Formula C2H5OH
Number Risk 33
Number ONU 1170
Molecular Weight g/mol 46.07
Color Incoloro
Odor Distinctive
Physical State Liquid
Aspect Transparent and Volatile
Density at 20 ° C g/mol From 0.8060 to 0.8105
Alcohol Content ° GL %vol Minimum 95.12
Alcoholic Degree INPM %weight 92.6 to 94.2
Total Acidity mg/L Maximum 30
pH 5.5 to 8
Conductivity US/M <100

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